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    Field Repeating



      Field Repeating




      I meet a problem, I created a table, and in the table, I add a field repeating named "UserName"




      I don't know how to add a new value in the field repeating by script(not add a new record), for example,


      UserName[1]="LoLo", UserName[2]="HaHa", I want to insert a new value in Username[3], GetUserName




      I want to define a judgement in the script, using to judge if the user using is in the UserName or not


      Thank you for your answer!!

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          If you mean by script, then you can set a value in a specific repetition by choosing the repetition that you want when you are specifying the target field in your Set Field [ ] step.


          If you mean manually, then well you would have to display those other repetitions on the layout ( by default it only shows normal first rep when putting a field on the layout ).



          Finally, I would suggest you dont go this way with repeating fields and use related records instead, although I dont really understand why you would store account names this way.