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Field Repeating in Portal

Question asked by spectre6001 on Mar 1, 2010
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Field Repeating in Portal




Properties -< PropertySellerJT >- Sellers >- Source -< SourceCommissions


I have a portal in the Properties layout to the Sellers table. When a new Seller is created (as opposed to reusing an existing seller) a script goes to the Sellers layout, same with new source from the sellers table. The goal is to have a field in the Properties to Sellers portal displaying a field from the PropertySellerJT for "percent sold" (if a seller only owns a fraction of a property) and then have the SourceCommissions use that percentage in a calculation. When I set it up and try to enter a seller in the Properties/Sellers portal it puts the same percentage for each record.


Ie. Seller 1 sells 25% of a property, Seller 2 sells 25% of the same property, and Seller 3 sells the remaining 50%, all three "Percent Sold" fields will display whatever the last number entered was. What am I missing/doing wrong?