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    Field resizing.



      Field resizing.


      Does anyone know why when printing a field would resize and blank space removed only sometimes?  

      I'm trying to get rid of blank space such that when printing on normal paper there's not a lot of white area.

      I have the settings as remove blank space by sliding up based on all objects above, and also resize enclosing part. 

      It's so strange: on some pages the blank space is removed, but on others it's there.

      Any idea what I might be screwing up?


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          Hi Hank,

          There are things to check:

          • All objects are well within their enclosing part
          • Labels and lines are also set to slide and reduce enclosing part
          • Fields do not overlap by even 1 px (check their px location numbers if in doubt)
          • That the fields from records which do not seem to 'reduce' don't in fact contain only a hidden return or data on second line.  You will need to place your cursor in the field to see what is there.


          If in doubt, drag your cursor around everything in the body (or each part you want to reduce) and manually specify (by unchecking and checking again the 'slide' and 'reduce' selections) to be sure you have everything set.  If it still will not work, you might wish to upload your file for us to review.  Or you can private message one of us and we can look at your file privately. :^)



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            Hi Hank,

            I have reviewed your file:

            1)  Go to Layouts > Part Setup.  Select the Body and 'change'.  Check 'allow part to break across page boundaries'.  What was happening is that, since it could not fit all of record 3 on the page with records 1 and 2, it went to the next page to begin record 3.

            2) You must make the text box (Draft 1) larger than the largest amount of text it will hold.  In this case, record 3 had too much data.  Resize the layout in height, making it 1800 px or so.  Since you are now spanning pages with a single record (item #1), it is okay if a single field is larger than a single page.

            If this does not square you away please let me know. 



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              CORRECTION in wording ... I said, "Resize the layout in height, making it 1800 px or so. "  And I meant resize the Draft 1 FIELD making it 1800 px in height.

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                Thanks!  I'll try all this right away.