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Field Select-All Contrast FM9 vs FM12

Question asked by ScottDoctor on Aug 28, 2012
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Field Select-All Contrast FM9 vs FM12


I recently upgraded from FM 9 to FM 12. I have a custom program I use in my store that I wrote for tracking everything from inventory to expenses to point of sale. The conversion had no major issues. However, I have many fields on many layouts that are select-all upon entry so that my entry will overwrite anything currently in the field. My color scheme is simple. Fields are a light gray. In FM9, when a field had the entire contents selected, it appeared as a significantly darker background and was very obvious. In FM12, the select-all contrast is just a small shade darker than a normal field. I looked through all the menus and inspector. I cannot figure out how to set the default background color for when a field is select-all. In FM9 it was much darker but in FM12 it is too light and often confusing as to whether the field is selected due to the low contrast.


As my program has more than 100 layouts in it, it will be an extremely laborious job to change hundreds of fields manually, except I cannot even find a way to do it manually. How can I set a default setting or whatever to cause all fields in all layouts with its contents select-all have more contrast (darker background)? Every layout uses the same style format.