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    Field Setup to Recall History



      Field Setup to Recall History



      In my FM9 video tape library database I have a "location" field that lets us know the current location of a video tape.
      I would like to adjust the field so I can view a record of the past 5 locations of a tape.
       It would show the history of where the tape has been including a date.
      Does anyone know how I can do this.


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          There are a couple of ways to achive your requirements, however, just need to be little more specific.

          1.Are tapes going out on regular loan?

          2.By past 5 locations do you mean last 5 loans or last 5 physical storage locations?


          Depending on your answers will lead us through to the best solution



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               Greetings Blackcat,

            Thank you for responding

            Yes, the tapes are going out and coming in on a regular basis but I would not describe it as a "Loan" it would be a "physical location"
            All of our tapes in the database are barcoded. Each tape has it's own record in the database. I have barcode field in the database.
            When a tape needs to leave the tape vault I use a handheld barcode reader to scan the barcode and it pulls up the record for that tape. I then change the data in the "Location" field to reflect the new physical location such as "Edit Bay1" or "Edit Bay2" .
            When the tape returns to the vault the location is changed to "Tape Vault"
            The "Location" field only shows the current physical location. I am looking for a way to show a record of the last five physical locations, in addition to the current location.



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              Thank you for your post.


              You may want to consider having a separate table for the times a tape has been checked in/out.  That way, you can leave the main tape table intact, and then have a variable number of check-ins/check-outs.  You can then set up a portal to sort descending by check-out leaving the most recent check-out at the top of the list with the others following.  Does that make sense?


              If you need help with setting up the portal, let me know.



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