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Field showing current staff assigned to report

Question asked by Sandi_1 on Feb 24, 2012
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Field showing current staff assigned to report


We write techical reports. The reports can go through up to 6 to 7 revisions and the revisions are not alwasy completed by the same person.  In filemaker, each report is a record.  In each record, I list each revision date and staff who completed the revision.

I need to create a field that could show me the most recent staff person who has completed the report.  Staff member names are in fields labeled: Orignal Staff, 1st revision staff, 2nd revsion staff, 3rd revision staff, 4th revision staff, 5th revisions staff, 6th revision staff (the fields are text fields). 

Any ideas?  I have worked with FMP for a number of years, but I am not a programmer... so go easy on me!  Smile