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Field size

Question asked by RonC_1 on Jul 2, 2012
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Field size


I started with a template, in the template I have three tabs.  One tab being customers, one products and one estimates.  In the estimate I have a discription of the products.  Each product will have a discription but the descriptions will range from one word to 100 words or more.

Qusetion; Can I have the "description" box in the estimate tab change in size based on the number of characters?  If so, can I have the adjucent fields change in size along with the description field.


I know I can predefine the size of the field so that every new entry takes up the same amout of space but I want it to change in size based on the amount of info inserted.


Basically I want a line with a product code, a description, a price, a quantity and an extened cost all fitting on one row.


Thanks in advance