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    Field size



      Field size


      I started with a template, in the template I have three tabs.  One tab being customers, one products and one estimates.  In the estimate I have a discription of the products.  Each product will have a discription but the descriptions will range from one word to 100 words or more.

      Qusetion; Can I have the "description" box in the estimate tab change in size based on the number of characters?  If so, can I have the adjucent fields change in size along with the description field.


      I know I can predefine the size of the field so that every new entry takes up the same amout of space but I want it to change in size based on the amount of info inserted.


      Basically I want a line with a product code, a description, a price, a quantity and an extened cost all fitting on one row.


      Thanks in advance

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          FileMaker fields can shrink, but they can't expand to fit the data in them. And the change is only visible when in preview mode, on printed hard copy or in a PDF--so it isn't likely to be a useful feature inside your tab control. YOu can add a scroll bar to the description field if you wish. On the other hand, if you don't add the scroll bar, you can click into the field and see it expand to display the full field contents. And you can set a tooltip to display the full field contents when you hover the mouse over it.

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            Thanks, so its not like Excel with word wrap where the cells just keeps getting bigger, too bad.