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Field sorting problem

Question asked by DavisSmith on May 14, 2015
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Field sorting problem


Hey everyone,


I've been having an issue lately where I'm sorting records by field. I have two tables, with both being set up the same way. I am applying a script to each column header to sort them that goes along the lines of....

If [Globals::Location_Sort_Flag =0]

Set Field [Globals::Location_Sort_Flag; 1]

If[Get(LayoutName) = "Table1"]





and repeat for Location_Sort_Flag =1 for descending order.

The problem occurs on one field in particular, where the programs has a loading bar pop up like its sorting and then ends of doing nothing. My code works for every other column on both tables except for this one column on this one particular table.

Anyone have some ideas as to what could be the problem?