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    Field Specific Time Stamp



      Field Specific Time Stamp



         I have a field called 'record_status' which is a drop down list of Needs Review, Incomplete and Complete. I have another field called 'record_status_mod' which is supposed to have a Time Stamp of when the 'record_status' was listed as Complete - not Incomplete or Needs Review only Complete.

      Any help with this would be greatly apreciated.



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          Define record_Status_mod as a field of type Time Stamp and give it this auto-entered calculation:

          If ( record_status = "Complete" ; Get ( CurrentTimeStamp ) ; self )

          You can then experiment with clearing the "Do not replace existing value" check box to see which option works better. With the check box cleared, selecting "complete" in the record_status field will update the time stamp data. Leaving it selected results in the time stamp being entered the first time complete is selected and it then remains unchanged as long as the field is not cleared.

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            Hello Phil.

                Thanks for your reply. I entered the information but for some reason it still does not enter the timestamp. I also changede the field to a time stamp.

            Would you happen to know more?



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              I tested this on a test file to make sure it worked before it posted.

              Do you only select single values from the drop down or multiple values? I assumed single values here. If you have other data in the field so that the exact contents are not "complete" it won't work as written.

              Is the drop down's field of type text? (check in manage | database | fields) If not, change it to text.

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                Yes single values and drop down field is text yes

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                  Create a brand new record and select "complete" from your value list. Do you see a date and time appear in the time stamp field? (You do have two different fields, one text with the value list and one of type timestamp with the auto-entered calculation, right?)

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                    You know I apologize for some reason I did not notice the correct word was completed - not complete so there was a d missing on the end. Everything is working fine now thank you very much! Sorry for the extra time it took.