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    Field tool



      Field tool


      I am trying to drag a feild tool to a specific location but it won't go there, what am i doing wrong ?

      I have attached the saved page after editing.

      Thx Chris 


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          And to where were you dragging it?

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            To just below the total amount

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              Perhaps, when you tried this, you had a small portion of the field tool extending past the bottom edge of the body layout part. Try dragging to the open space to the right of the portal, release the mouse, select the field and format it, then drag this field down to where you want it. With that approach, FileMaker will ask you if you want to make the layout larger if it doesn't quite fit below that total field.

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                i'll give it a go now, thank you !

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                  Just took another look at this in your other thread. You may need to drag the bottom border of your portal down a few pixels so that the field you are adding fits in the space where you want it.

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                    Yeah, sorry about that it was one then it turned into another should have just edited the first one, oh well. Attached is what happen to the field once dragged, edited, etc and moved to correct space, it shows up in a completey different location. see attached... payments in the middle of no where.

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                      Definitely an odd place for it to show up, but did you resize the tab control to make room for this field inside the tab control before atempting to place the field where you want it?

                      If you enter layout mode and drag the tab control, does this field move with it or remain stationary? If it doesn't move with the tab control, it's not properly "owned" by the tab control, most likely due to having a pixel or two that extended across the tab control boundary when you released the mouse button.

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                        I did not resize the tab control, no.

                        It is definitely "owned" by the mouse and moves there seems to be enough space, although i am going to try and open it up a little more and see if that helps.

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                          increased the space and still not happeing, see attached.

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                            I Don't see any increase in space in your screen shot. Perhaps you clipped your shot too tight for this to be viisble? I'm referring to the distance between the bottom of the total field and the bottom edge of the tab panel.

                            Did the field move when you moved the tab panel or not?

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                              The distance is definatley there, see again, prob a short shot last time.

                              I moved everything down completely to allow more than ample space fot it, any other suggestions ?

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                                Still haven't answered my other question. If you move the tab control by dragging it around the layout, does this field move with the tab control or stay put? (You can return to browse mode without saving your changes to keep your tab control position unchanged.)

                                In layout mode is the tab control clear of the boundary lines that separate this layout part from other layout parts such as a header and/or footer? (Normally, you get scrambled results if the tab control touches or crosses the header/body boundary...)

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                                  It moves with the tab control, no problem.

                                  In layout mode it is clear of the boundary lines that separate this layout part from other layout parts.

                                  I have moved the payments fieldd to above the body and just below customer info and it sits perfectly now (see attached). I am prob going to leave it there for now till it can be figured out. Now i need to figure out how to be able to add a 'payment' to the newly established field and have it know to deduct form the total field and also be able to have this push to an AR print out, any thoughts ?

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                                    Is this a file you are comfortable with putting a clone of it up on a file sharing site that others can download? I'd like to examine your file and see if I can figure out why this doesn't work. If You want to go that route, you can reply back here with the download link.

                                    I believe you already have a thread started with the other question and I recall responding to it there. You might want to pull that one up for a look. I think I asked for more infor there as there is any number of ways you can set this up depending on your business policies for handling a customer payment.

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