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    field total



      field total


      How do you request a total of a field at the bottom of a table ?

      How do you change the name of a field in a table ?

      In a table each record has fields  on purchases and sales. I tried to find all records with no sales. I used the field " number of shares sold and asked for number of sales =0. The fields are not 0 but are empty. How do I search.

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          We need to know more about the design of your database.

          A "table" implies that you have multiple records--one record to each row of your table. If this is the case, a Summary field can be defined to compute and display a total for all records in your current found set or for a specific group of records in your found set.

          To change the name of a field, you would open Manage | Database | Fields, find the field. Select it. Enter a new name and click change.

          I can't quite picture the last question. You'll need to describe what you want in more detail.