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Field Updates only with drop down browsing

Question asked by TonySimmons on Mar 12, 2012


Field Updates only with drop down browsing


Hello, very new to FM, and the forums. Not sure where to look to see if this has been asked.


I am deploying a db so that sales reps can update data pertaining to their accounts in 5 different product categories (current product used, contract expiry, annual potential sales revenue etc).

Their accounts do not change, only the details relating to the different product categories. I would like to set it up so they can only update existing records, and the records are accessed using a drop down box....

they have iphones with FM go installed. they each have approx 20 accounts, so I would send them the db, they would access their accounts via drop down box and choose which account to update. no new record creation...just updates.

Thanks in advance. I have included a screen shot. The scroll drop down you see in the photo is the result of tapping on the account box.