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Field validated by a value list

Question asked by MarcMcCall on May 10, 2012
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Field validated by a value list


Hey guys,


I have a global field on T15_Products that I temporarily store ID_Product #'s in that auto enter replaces existing values by substituting " " with ¶.  On the layout, I have a portal based on the compatible join table, I have a script to create a new record that places the ID_Product in a field called ID_Product_Compatible_1.  I then use the numbers I placed in the global field in a field called ID_Product_Compatible_2 to make the relationship of campatible parts.  What I would like to do is make the ID_Product_Compatible_2 validated by a value list based on the global field during data entry only, to help me from making mistakes while typing in the numbers, but since it is a global field i am having trouble setting it up.  I have it set up as a global field so I can see the numbers I placed in it in all of the records in a performed search, after I create all of the related record for one part, I move to the next, and do the same for that part until I have created a relationship for all the parts that are compatible with each other, then perform a search for the next list of parts I want to relate then place all of thier ID #'s in the global field and begin the proccess of making the relationship of the compatible parts.

so any help setting this value list up will be greatly appreciated, and help me to prevent mistakes while enterint these #'s