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Field Validation - Field # not empty when Field 1 contains text

Question asked by DavidCorrigan on Sep 10, 2013
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Field Validation - Field # not empty when Field 1 contains text


     Hello all

     I am new to Filemaker so the community's help would be much appreciated.

     I am sure that there is a very simple answer to this question but my attempts have failed miserably!

     I have a section in my database with four fields. The first field is used to describe a corrective action that is required in a process, the second field describes who the action is assigned to, the third field allows a date that the action must be completed by to be selected and the fourth field allows YES or NO (from a drop down menu) to be selected to indicate if the corrective action has been completed.

     The validation I am trying to set is that fields 2,3 and 4 must contain data when field 1 contains a corrective action.

     I would also like to display an error message to state which field must be corrected so I expect that I need a validation calculation to be entered into the options of fields 2, 3 and 4 but I cannot determine the correct calculation to use.

     Many thanks for any help that you can offer on this matter.