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FIeld Validation script for IWP

Question asked by rphillips on Mar 2, 2012
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FIeld Validation script for IWP


I was helped previously with this information,

"Then define a text field as UniqueKey and give it this auto-enter calcualiton:

FiscalWeek & " " & UserID

Now you can set a unique values validation rule on UniqueKey and it will pop up an error message if the user attempts to create a records where that combination of UserID and FiscalWeek already exist."

Thanks PhilModJunk.

 This information worked great and I was able to finish the project to the desired level. Now I am required to put this filemaker database through the IWP publishing of a filemaker advanced server for Group authentication, probably a later post. Now when I put in a duplicate week through the browser,  I get stuck at validation errors on commit and cannot get out unless I cancel with the menu bar cancel button.

 Could someone point me in the right direction as to what type of field validation script I should use, or how I should go about making this ready for Instant Web Publishing. Any pointers would be appreciated.