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    field value check



      field value check


           I'd like to be able to set something up where a field gets flaged somehow if the value is the same or different in a related table.  My example is:  

           One table "Shot Records" and another "Editorial Records".  They both have matching fields for "shot number", "Comp Total Frames" and "Cut Total Frames".  I have the table related by the "Shot number" field.  I'd like to be able to have somekind of indicator if the value of the "Comp Total Frames" and "Cut Total Frames" is differnet in the "Editorial Records" table.





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               If your relationship is:

               Shot Records::Shot Number = Editorial Records::Shot Number

               Then you can use either a calculation field in Shot Records or conditional formatting on the Shot Records layout to flag the current record if the values aren't the same.

               And example would be to use conditional formatting to change the fill color of the Shot Records::Comp Total Frames if it's value does not match the value of the correspoding field in Editorial Records:

               Self ≠ Editorial Records::Comp Total Frames

               The same can be set up for Cut Total Frames.

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                 Aside from the question asked....why is the data being stored twice on two different tables?

                 Why not just store it once on one table?

                 Is there a benefit to having the ability for two tables to disagree?