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Field Value List?

Question asked by infinityBBC on Jan 18, 2013
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Field Value List?



     i'm trying to accomplish something with FM Pro Advanced (version 10) that i would imagine is possible, but i just don't have enough skill in programming and wondered if anyone here might help me.  in fact, in the course of trial and error, i somehow accidentally wiped out all my data and work up until this point.  thankfully, i made several backups and found one of them which got my work back.  here's what i'm trying to do…


     i have 10 calculation fields formatted as numbers.  i have another field i wish to format as a pop up list displaying the names of those 10 calculation fields, whereby upon selecting this new field, the user would simply select one of those names which corresponds to the names of the 10 calculation fields.


     the trick is that upon selection of ONE of the 10 names listed in this new field which corresponds to one of the names of those 10 calculation fields, i want the VALUE of that selected field to be placed into the new field which is a calculated number.


     basically, i am trying to create a value list for fields.  is this possible?


     i hope this makes sense!  8-)  i would be glad to email the database to someone if they think they could help me figure this out.


     thank you!