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Field Verification Script

Question asked by on Jan 22, 2014
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Field Verification Script




     I've got a problem that seems simple when I think about it, but I can not figure out the logic to evaluate columns of entries to verify that a Test Description belongs to the indicated Test Group. 


     As an Example I've got several Groups of Tests, each with several Test Descriptions within each group.


Test Group   Test Description

     ACT             English

     ACT            Math

     ACT             Reading

     ACT             Science

     AP              Art History

     AP              Biology

     AP              Calculus AB

     AP              Chemistry

     COMP          Math

     COMP          Writing Skills

     COMP          Writing Essay


     What I need to find out is,  for each Test Group, are the several Test Descriptions that are available for each group valid?  In other words, I would not be able to have ACT and Biology as a valid pairing since Biology belongs to the AP Test Group.  The validation script I've been trying to create would then mark the incorrect pairings in each record.


     Thank you for any help.