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Field w/ Repeating Lines... Print Help

Question asked by LeilaRegan on May 28, 2014
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Field w/ Repeating Lines... Print Help



     I have a field (Item Description) with 60 repeating lines. I have the repeating lines broken up into 2 pages on the print layout (so I have a quotes layout with 60 repeating lines then a formal print layout for clients with 2 pages of possible information -Page one is lines 1-25 and page 2 is lines 26-60) which makes our contract 4 pages long. Is there any way to only print the second page (lines 26-60) when there is actual data in those lines. I was trying to come up with a way to revise the script I have in place but am not sure how to put specifications on only certain lines within a field. I set up two printing layouts one that is only 3 pages long and one that is 4 pages long but can't figure out how to create a script to only print Layout3Pages if Lines 26-60 of field Item Description are empty otherwise print Layout4Pages. I'm working on FileMaker Pro 11.


     The closest forum post I've found is this one ... ... But it doesn't really work for my situation or maybe it does and I'm just not seeing it.


     Any Help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.