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Field with button - enter the object in find mode

Question asked by robdownunder on May 6, 2014
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Field with button - enter the object in find mode


     Ok, FM12.

     I have fields throughout my database that have a button associated with them to run a specific script.

     Multiple field and multiple layouts use this button, so the solution needs to be dynamic.

     When I enter Find mode I cannot type in a search term - the script is run even though I don't want it to.

     Using   if Get(WindowMode)  = 1       at the start of the script, I can determine that I am in Find mode.

     I'm stumped on how to tell the script to then put the active cursor into the field to allow me to type a search term.

     The field I want to search on is not the active object, the first field on the layout is.

     I can keyboard-tab my way through the fields to select the one I want.

     How can my script figure out which object I pointed to and make it active ?


     Thanks for any solutions you can come up with.