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Field with calculated value not visible.

Question asked by argasoft on Mar 2, 2013
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Field with calculated value not visible.



     On a offer layout I have a portal to input the single lines of the bid with the following fields/operations:
     - sector is a custom value list to have only matching relation in
     - item. I choose from this drop-down to have
     - list_price which is a number, calculated value field, "do not replace..." unchecked, always evaluated
     - price (number, manual entry allowed) populated by means of Set Field [] in a trigger when exiting item

     - list_price is not shown
     - price is shown i.e. list_price is not empty or zero (monitored also with data viewer)

     I want to see list_price and price to digit original price after modifying price.

     I have otther calculated value fields in the portal using values in the layout and they are ok.
     In the portale I have also a row_total field which contains the correct calculated value.

     More infos:
     - deleting a portal row with Delete Portal Row [] all fields are deleted but list_price appears
     - list_price was inserted in the portal after its creation (as another calculated value field which works fine)
     - list_price has no conditional formatting
     - sometimes switching from Browse to Layout and back to Browse list_price appears
     - I've tried also with Refresh Window [] after Set Field [] with no success
     - settings in Inspector and others of the fields list_price and row_total are the same (calculations of course not)

     I'm missing something(s) but what?

     Thanks for any hint.


     P.S. Hope it's clear. I've made my best to translate from italian.