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    Fields and calcs



      Fields and calcs


      FMP 11 advanced




      To give you a better idea of what’s going on, here are the field calculations that we use now.

      Part number, Part Name, sell cost, uom and loc are not relevant here.

      Quanity on hand : Calculation=  (SumItem+Returned)-(SUM Used+Qty Change)

      Cycle counted: is a number field for manual entry.

      Inventory adjusted: Calculation = (Cycle Counted Amount-Quantity On Hand)

      Returned: is a number field for manual entry.

      __Davids qty Total:  Calculation =Quantity On Hand *  SellCOST

      What I need to do is have FMP automaticlly put the result of inventory adjusted in the returns field.  



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               Am I correct that you have set this up so that you have just one record for each part?

               If so, you'd need to use a script to do the requested update. Either for the one record you just updated or replace field contents can do a batch update. The script would copy the value from one field to the other and also clear any fields that would then need to be cleared.

               For inventory management, I suggest maintaining a "log" of each inventory change. That "history" of how, when and why your inventory level changed--including but not limited to adjustments made via "cycle counts" is often very useful to people responsible for managing inventory levels and any needed re-ordering. Such a method creates a new record in a "transactions" table each time an inventory count for a given item changes. Sorting and summary calculations then show the current "on hand" counts--and a script can copy this value back into your inventory table after each update if you need faster performance when accessing these counts.

               If you are interested in that approach, take a look at this thread: Managing Inventory using a Transactions Ledger