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    fields and objects not showing in PDF



      fields and objects not showing in PDF


      I have a few random fields and objects (such as text) that seem to vanish when I save as PDF. The size of the layout has purposefully been made A4 and I have checked that the 'hide when printing' option is not checked. It all looks fine on the preview view and when I print, but not when I save to PDF. Any advice? I know some people in the forums who have issues with the save to PDF option use the print to file option instead and everything works fine. However, I am not given the usual choice of what file type to print to and thus I end up with a file that isn't recognised by any software.

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          On a Mac system, you have a print to PDF option not found on windows systems. On a windows system, you need to acquire a PDF printing utility if you don't choose to use Save as PDF.

          But what you report does not match any previous reports about issues with PDF's that I can recall. I suggest reporting this as a possible bug over in Report an Issue and see what the techs that monitor that section have to suggest about this.