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    Fields don't seem to work in copied table



      Fields don't seem to work in copied table


       I support a server with several tables.  I had a request to make a copy of one of the tables that they could use to train people without messing up real data.  So I copied the table to a different folder on the server and renamed it.  Then I copied it back and made sure it verified ok.    Now I'm looking at some of the fields that are calculated values and they aren't working.   For instance, I created one that calculates the desktop path by setting it to Get(DeskTopPath).  However, when I look at that field's value in the data viewer, it's empty.   If I monitor Get(DeskTopPath) however, it gives me the path.  Can someone help me understand why the field isn't calculating like I'm expecting it to?

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               Picky but important detail: You didn't copy a table, you copied a file. That database file might contain one table or many tables.

               There are two different ways a field can calculate a value:

               1) The field can be a data field, number, text, date that has a specified auto-enter calculation. An auto-enter calculation tha refers to a get function such as Get ( DesktopPath ) will not automatically update when you relocate the file to a different computer. And only a newly created record, unless you have a reference to some other field in the calculation and you modify its value, will enter the current result for the get function.

               2) The field can be a calculation field. If this is a stored calculation field, it also will not update automatically when you open the file on a a different computer or from a different user account. But if you specify that the field be an unstored calculation, it will then update automatically.

               Note also that if you saved a clone (empty of records) of your file, you won't see results in your calculation fields until you create a record in that table.

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             Thank you very much PhilModJunk!   Your last comment was the problem....it was an empty file (sorry...I obviously don't have the terminology straight in my mind) and therefore, nothing was calculating yet.  Once I created a dummy record, it started working as I expected! Much appreciated!