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Fields don't seem to work in copied table

Question asked by bkolb on Jan 25, 2013
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Fields don't seem to work in copied table


 I support a server with several tables.  I had a request to make a copy of one of the tables that they could use to train people without messing up real data.  So I copied the table to a different folder on the server and renamed it.  Then I copied it back and made sure it verified ok.    Now I'm looking at some of the fields that are calculated values and they aren't working.   For instance, I created one that calculates the desktop path by setting it to Get(DeskTopPath).  However, when I look at that field's value in the data viewer, it's empty.   If I monitor Get(DeskTopPath) however, it gives me the path.  Can someone help me understand why the field isn't calculating like I'm expecting it to?