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Fields for variable entry in a layout

Question asked by AntonioShalders on May 2, 2012
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Fields for variable entry in a layout


Hello !

I'm an experienced programmer, specially for Lazarus/Delphi, MySQL/Postgres and in an obscure software called GeneXus (other languages since 1982) but completely new to Filemaker. I've heard about it since old mac times but never tried it.

I would like to try FM Pro Advanced for my kind of developing business, more to try something different, but honestly I don't know if it will be a good option. I have some simple questions but I wasn't able to find any clear answer for them.

Please forgive my bad English =)


I often need to make forms (screens) with things like a grid, containing table data AND some edits, checkboxes, drop down edits, listboxes that uses VARIABLES. Some of them are for manual user entry (aka typing) and other just for choosing from a dynamic combobox for exemple.

I tried for hours to figure how to place an edit field in a layout for user entry without success. Could someone please ellucidate this mistery ?


I'm attaching a screen example of what I need. The fields over the grid are all for variables. The grid contains table data filtered according to the variables entered.


Thanks in advance !