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Fields gone randomly inactive in portal

Question asked by JCPython on Aug 27, 2012
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Fields gone randomly inactive in portal


After spending a few nights adding all my different value list into separate tables and creating a layout based on my "Settings" table which is related to every value list table by Settings::RecordID x ValueListName::RecordID


Then i added a tab control onto the layout based on the settings table with a portal on each tab and each tab list a different value list...worked great up until a few hours ago when randomly now when i click any field within a portal its not allowing entry to edit or anything. you can see from the attached image that when i click into any field it just highlights the portal row, nothing else happens. i cant for the life of me figure out why it just stopped working on me.


I tried triple checking everything, rebuilding the portals and relationships, closed FMP and restarted, used the recovery option in fmp, i attaempted to move the layout order of the object in the portal every whcih way. anyone expirience this? any suggestions?