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    Fields in separate layouts



      Fields in separate layouts


      Hi all,


      Pardon my ignorance but I'm a Filemaker novice but there is something I can't get clear in my head.

      If my database comprises of several tables;  product catalog, customers, quotes, invoices, each with it's own Primary Key, when I insert fields the "Specify Table" window pops up, should I be inserting fields from that particular table on working on or should they be from another table? eg when inserting fields into my quote layout should they be from the product catalog table? Sorry, I know this is a dumb question but I can't find a answer even going through "The Missing Manual" for FM Pro 10. Would appreciate some advice please.



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          You can put data from multiple tables onto a layout  but the issue becomes how those fields relate  to the POV (point of view) of the current layout.


          If the relationship to the current layout is one to many (ie for 1 record in the current layout there are multiple key matches in the related table) will probably want to put a portal on your layout and then put  the fields in it. However if all you want to do is show the most current info in the related table you can just define the relationship to sort decending and just place a related field on the layout directly.


          It really depends on  what you want to show and finding the right POV that has all the connected keys to show the information you want.


          List and Table layouts are also useful for showing multiple records in the current table. 


          The key here is in getting the correct POV and making sure all the relationships you need are established.

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            Thank you for replying. Is there a tutorial for a database that includes, Products, Quotation, Invoice and Customers tables that are all related. I'm really struggling on my first project and if I had a suitable tutorial I could pull it apart and see exactly how it works it would get me underway.