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Fields in table occurrence don't have latest values

Question asked by bkolb on Dec 17, 2012
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Fields in table occurrence don't have latest values


      I am supporting an order entry system in Filemaker 11 Pro.  It uses a few different tables that a re linked  in various ways.  One table, LORDER, I just added some fields to in order to fix a problem.    When a function that prints labels is used, a different table, LABELP, is used.   LABELP is linked to a table occurrence of LORDER via an account number.  When I look at the fields in this table occurrence, the new fields I created are there.  However, when I look at a record that had one of the field values changed, the new record for that in the table occurrence still shows the old value.  It's like the table occurrence didn't get updated. 

     Not sure I am explaining this well, so ask if you don't understand.  My question is why does it have the "old" values?