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Fields in the parts issue

Question asked by henryhu91 on Nov 20, 2012
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Fields in the parts issue



     I have two layouts which have same problem.

     I set up 4 different fields to display Account name Created, Date Created, Modified Date and Modified Users on the bottom of my layout in Footer section. the layout is in List View. Whenever I enter into the layout, those fields on footer are not showing up. I just see the color background of the footer. but if I enter layout mode and go back to browse mode, the fields and text in the foot appears. Why is that? 

     It happens in one of another layout as well but I used it as Sub Summary Sorting Part. sorting is corrrect in both in the layout and the part. but it's not showing up unless I go to table view and go back on the list view layout.

     can you guys tell me what's going on?