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    fields no longer showing



      fields no longer showing


      I am using FM 8.0v3, and when I converted to Snowy, many of the fields I had created are no longer showing up in Browse mode. I'm losing A LOT of very valuable info, and I have no idea what's going on. ANY assistance/ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!

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          Meaning you upgraded to Snow Leopard. Meaning they appear in Layout Mode? If so, they are colored none or white with none or white borders. Are the labels visible. Are they listed in the table in manage > database. Make a new layout with all fields included, this will help verify your data.
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            Yes - I upgraded to Snow Leopard : )

            Yes, the do appear in Layout Mode, but the names of the fields (labels) do not show up, but when you double-click on them (to edit them), the Field/Control box does appear with the appropriate field selected.

            In Browse mode, the fields appear, but none of the information I previously entered appear; all of the borders I created are still visible as well. In Layout mode, again, the fields appear with the borders I chose.

            Even some of the plain text that I had (not fields) are now not showing up.

            When I chose a different layout to view the info from, the info from those same "missing" fields show up, so I know that the data is still in there. It's just not showing up in the layout that I want, and much of the text that took a long time for me to enter is not showing up either.

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              Select them while in Layout mode and select a different font for them. You may also need to select the text inside the field and select a different font if you see the text in some records and not in others...

              Snow Leopard had a bunch of font issues. You may need to examine the fonts and font suitcases for issues that other versions of the Mac OS tolerated but 10.6 does not. I'm not a Mac user, just repeating what I've read here in the forum. You can search for Snow Leopard and font here in this forum to learn more and you may also want to research this issue on Apple's support site.

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                PhilModJunk - thanks so much! That was exactly it! I've been racking my brain trying to figure it out. Thank goodness it was something relatively simple!!!

                Thanks again!!!