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    Fields not appearing in all reords



      Fields not appearing in all reords


           I'm not good at explaining in a few words but will try and hopefully screenshot will help

           I have two tables Profile & History. History is a many to one Profile relationship

           I have a date field 'Custody' & 'Probation' though there are multiple records in 'History' only one occurence of the fields 'Custody' & 'Probation' are being displayed.

           Notice too how there is no blank boxes for these fields too. I had them all showing at one time but in attempt to sort the 'Custody' from newest to oldest something I must have unknowingly changed something.

           Thanks much;

           Scott K





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               I would guess that you are using FileMaker 12 and that the fields are not "owned" by the portal. As a test, enter layout mode, click the bottom area of the bottom area of the portal to select it without selecting any fields and then tap an arrow key to move the portal few pixels. Those fields that are "owned" by the portal will move when the portal moves. Those not, will not move and I expect that the two fields in question will not move with the portal.

               If so, drag one field away form the portal and release the mouse button, then drag it back into the portal row and release the mouse button. then try the same test to see if it now moves with the portal. Repeat with the second field.

               PS. this can happen if you place a field outside of the portal and then use the Inspector's alignment tools to pull the field into position in the portal row.

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                 Thanks Phil, that corrected it!!!  I really appreciate your quick response.