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    Fields not showing up



      Fields not showing up



           I am a new user of FMP 12 trying to learn the basics. I have established a database which initially has four tables. Each table was set up with primary and foreign key fields which show up in the form, list and table views. When I go back through the manage database option to add new fields to each table, they show up here but I cannot get them to populate the form, list and table views. Any suggestions as to what I may be doing wrong?



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               You have to create a relationship between  tables or the field has to be global.  

               See this link about creating relationship


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                 Hi, Thanks for your answer - actually I am not having problems aligning table reltionships using matched fields - not at that stage yet. My problem is that when I define fields within a table using the 'manage database options - field' option, these new fields are not showing up within either the form, list or table view within the parent table. For example, I have a table named 'classes'. Originally when I set up the field I included the matching field key __pkClassesID. This field shows up in the different table views. However, when I went back in and added new fields 'Class Name', 'Class Location', Class Teacher' etc. these do not show up in any of the table views - only in the 'manage database' field option view. In the form, list and table views I am still only seeing '__pkClassesID. Does this make sense?

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                   Check your preferences and make sure new fields are set to be added to the layout automatically. I don't remember the exact language.

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                     as Rick says, either you set your preferences to add newly created fields to your current layout automatically, or you add them manually once they've been created in Manage|Database|Fields

                     In Layout Mode, Select Insert>Field etc to physically place them on your layout

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                       Or just drag and drop from the field tool in your status toolbar once you have entered Layout Mode.

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                         Hi - Thanks for everyone's great ideas - I deleted the new copy of FM Pro 12 and then re-installed it and the problem seems to have gone away - there was a problem with disc memory when it was installed so this might have been the problem. I appreciate all the suggestions though.