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Fields on different tabs all appear at once

Question asked by caz3000 on Jan 30, 2010
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Fields on different tabs all appear at once


I have created a database with several tabs.  When in Layout mode, I can drag and drop fields on to each tab.  When I do this, they only appear on the tab I have dragged them on to (which is what I want).  However, when I change to Browse mode, all the fields display at once, all on top of each other - as though tabs are partially see through.  Objects I have drawn on the tab 'underneath' the first tab, appears in front of fields on the tab that's 'on top'.


I have been searching for solutions and have already tried a couple of things without success:


1)  Checked that the 'background' colour of the tab is indeed a solid colour, and not transparent.  It is solid.

2)  Making sure the fields are all entirely on the tabs, with no part of the fields protruding over the edge of the tabs.

3)  Drawing solid objects on the tabs and then using the 'send to back' / 'send to front' function to arrange fields and objects in a sensible order, hoping the solid objects would block fields on the tabs 'beneath' it from appearing (this only seems to let me arrange the objects within a tab, which does not stop them getting mixed up with objects on other tabs when I return to Browse mode).

4)  Setting the tab order under the Layout menu 'Set Tab Order'.  All this does is set the order in which data is entered in the fields, not stop fields later in the order appearing in front of fields earlier in the order.


In my searching, I have found a couple of other people have this problem, but no one seems to have an answer:


Setting up Tabs 


I have that latest version of Filemaker Pro for OSX (10.0v3), which I am running on OSX 10.5.8.  I am fairly new to Filemaker and am unfamiliar with how to do scripts or programming or anything like that.  I have just downloaded the 30 day trial version and am running that.


It is driving me nuts.  I'd really like to know if there's a solution or if this is a bug.