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    Fields Skipped During Import



      Fields Skipped During Import


           I've read numerous posts regarding records being skipped due to errors but none reference fields skipped due to errors. Regardless, I took the advice of those other posts and made sure that all my fields in the table being imported to had no validation rules. There is only one that is a calculation field (which is my key that I match records to). Everything else is either a date or text field and they match perfectly with the other table. Yet, when I import records it always says that fields are skipped due to errors. Is there something else that could be causing this? 

           Just looking for some quick advice as this is an urgent request.

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               Take a look at the data being imported into the fields that are being skipped. I suspect that the imported data is not valid for the field type. This would be typical of, say importing text such as 4-Sep-1203 into a field of type date.

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                 I hope I can still respond to this post and get some feedback.

                 Table 1 = current table

                 Table 2 = table importing records from

                 I've created a layout that will show me all the fields from table 1 and table 2 (these tables are related by style_color key because I'm using it as a comparison). I've populated all the fields in table 2. I've imported the record from table 2 to table 1. I still get a message that 1 field was skipped due to error but when I look at the fields side by side all the data imported.

                 Is there any other trick to find out what field is being skipped or why this is happening? This is really frustrating. If there is any other information I can provide to help, let me know. Thanks!