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    Fields with multiple associated values - possible?



      Fields with multiple associated values - possible?


                Hi all.

                I'm returning to FM after many years and am starting to try and build a new database with somewhat rusty skills.

                I am setting up a simple field recording database for property condition. Each record relates to a particular property. Each field represents a characteristic of the property - eg - Carpets.

                But each field also needs multiple information attached - eg Condition/Cost Estimate/Urgency/General Comments.

                Some of those values are regular repeating known values and can be based on a value list. But some are more specific.

                Can anyone pass on some simple advice (or point to a tutorial) to allow the correct setting of of this type of field structure.

                Does each characteristic and subcharacteristic need their own field or is there a smarter way of doing this.

                The context is to set the fields for use on an ipad so recorders can input while at the property and possibly use a container field to take a picture for example.

                On initial view it seems the only way os to generate separate Cost/Condition/Urgency fields for EACH property characteristic.


                any assistance would be appreciated.