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Fields with script triggers do not export to Excel

Question asked by HaliRoy on Jan 24, 2014
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Fields with script triggers do not export to Excel


     I'm using FileMaker Pro 12 on my desktop and FileMaker Go on my iPad mini and iPhone.  I have several fields in my database that fill-in when a specific value is made in a preceding field.  For example; if I choose "Stage Datum Only" for a certain field, then the values for the following fields  "Total discharge", "% Uncertainty", "V Mean", etc are automatically filled in with "N/A."  I have several cases in my database where there are script triggers that are used to fill in fields.  However, the fields that have script triggers are not transferred to Excel when I export them.  When I look at the "Select fields" option on the iPad those fields don't even show up so that I can select them.  How can I export all data, in portals and using script triggers, to Excel easily?