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Figuring out portals in an anesthesia record

Question asked by dsimonson on Nov 14, 2014
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Figuring out portals in an anesthesia record


I am still working on my anesthesia record.  

In order to provide a display on the iPad that looks and functions somewhat like a “real” anesthesia record, the user needs to be able to enter data on a medication they have just administered to the patient, and have that data displayed on the record in a horizontally sequential fashion across the record.  For example, if at the start of the anesthetic (15:00) I administer 10 mls of propofol, and then 30 minutes later the patient gets “light” and I give 5 more of propofol, a real record shows it like this:






































In addition to the main table, Surgeries, which contains the anesthesia start time, I have created child tables for different time settings - one with 20 records, one for each 15 minutes of the anesthetic (so the records can cover a 5-hour surgery), and one with 60 records, for the 5-minute intervals.  

When the data is entered, the user only enters one time into the med_observation record, which is then pushed into two other fields as the nearest 5 and 15 minute intervals.  

I am attaching a screenshot of my layout in layout mode.

With that explanation, here is what I am trying to do.  On the left side, I need a portal that shows me one drug on each line, and they need to be in a specific order, with things like O2 and N2O first, followed by inhalational agents, etc.  Then, I need the amounts they have given to be distributed by their times across the horizontal spread.  I am working on the 15 minute times at present, I want to figure them out before I move to the 5 minute ones.  I plan to have a summary field that will show the total amount administered in any 15 minute period.

I have not had any luck, but I am continuing to work on it!




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