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    Figuring Things Out



      Figuring Things Out


           Hello All,

              I'm still learning Filemaker Pro 13 so what I'm doing is looking at a starter solution Products database and all of its component to help me understand.   What I would like to know is how or what function displays all the records in the Product IPhone list view\layout.   I understand how the Part, labels display, buttons work, quickfind, etc. but how does it display all the records in the database on this view\layout?


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               The layout is in list view, which list all the records.  You have three different views: Form View -  View one record,  List View - List records in current found set in a list,  Table View - View records in a table.

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                 That was it!

                 Thank you for all the help

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                   Most folks new to FileMaker find the starter solutions a bit daunting unless they already have some experience in programming or other database systems. They weren't really intended to serve as example files that beginners can readily figure out. (I recently talked to the guy that created the FMP 13 starter solutions...)

                   So please don't hesitate to post questions about them here when you see something that you can't figure out in one of them Just be careful to identify the version of FileMaker that you are using as the starter solutions differ in design with each version of FileMaker.

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                     Yes, it seems that way now that I'm diving into Filemaker.   I'll definitely post more questions if I can't find my answers after searching.  Hope all don't mind answering some basic questions.


                     Appreciate everyone's help.   This is a great forum.