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    File Access



      File Access


      I'm updating a file - importing data from an old copy of it. Done it before on the server hardware just fine.

      Doing now on a different machine (that's actually beefier than the server) but it's running slower. Why is file access through a file share slower than local? Both machines are Xeon's, mirrored 250gig drives, gigabit network, etc. Filemaker 10

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          if it must pass through the nework, you will be slowed to the network limit... and if network is busy than it is worse.

          when you are local you don't have the access time that slows you...


          it's like when you watch pictures on a computer.. pictures on your harddrive will show faster on screen than the ones accessed on a memory card via usb on the same computer.

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            It's a gigabit network - it's faster than the harddrives