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File Conversion Issue

Question asked by GretchenSeppmann on Feb 14, 2012
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File Conversion Issue


I am currently converting 15 different databases from an old version (I believe File Maker Pro 4) to File Maker Pro 11. It was going well until I got to the last database, which of course had to be the largest one. Everything on the database converts except one field. I am not particularly famaliar with this program, but I know that the field is a "container", and I know that in the original file each record had a picture that had been drawn in paint, but then copy/pasted into the field. The original picture isn't saved anywhere on the computer, the only place to access it is on the records in that database.


When I run the conversion every field that is filled with text or dates converts properly, but none of the pictures are there, and when we print the record, it shows a blank box with "Windowns OLE object" in the center.


I've tried to convert it a few different times, but it gets to the point where it's telling me it's on step 7 of 9 and then the program stops responding, I let it sit for a good hour before I finally ended the program. I'm kinda lost on what I can do to fix this.

Also, in 3 of the other 15 databases I successfully converted, we have container fields that are populated with paint pictures, and I didn't run into any trouble converting those, the pictures show up exactly like they are in the old files.

If anyone has any suggesstions I'm more than willing to try just about anything right now.