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File corruption problem - recovery

Question asked by user14360 on Dec 22, 2009
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File corruption problem - recovery




A database I have been working on (hosted on a Filemaker Pro 10 Advanced server, Mac, and I work on Filemaker Pro 10 Advanced on a Mac) , recently crashed and said 'this file has a problem' (or something like that), 'please use the recover function'.  (The database is 8.5MB and has 27 tables.)


Some history: 

Last week the server got shut down accidentally by someone pulling the power plug out.  It started up again ok and the file seemed to be working fine.

Then I needed to take the database to work on it offline, so I backed it up via the server schedule, then copied the backup file to a usb, which I then emailed to myself to use on my computer away.


This is the file that has now crashed (not the one on the server, although I don't know what state that is in because I haven't worked on it recently).  I tried the recovery function, and when it was finished, it said that there is something seriously wrong with the file and this recovered file should NOT be used going forwards.


I have a few questions:

1) What am I looking for in the log file to help me work out what the actual problem is? 

2) I did a recovery of a previous version of the file (one that wouldn't have been affected by the server shut down) to see what the recovery process says.  It had the same error message at the end and said not to use that recovered file going forwards.  Does this mean that the file problem likely goes back to before the server shut down?

3)Given that I hadn't been having problems with the file before transferring it to my computer locally, is it reasonable to assume that the file on the server is ok and to continue working on that?

4) Are there any other tools I can use to test a file or gauge the severity of a problem?


Worst case scenario is I'm going to have to rebuild the database from scratch.   This would be very painful, but not the end of the world.


If I can avoid it, I'd like to, but if sticking with this file is going to create problems down the road, then it'd be better to recreate it. 


Anyone's thoughts on this or experiences they can share that might help would be great.