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File Corruption… Solved?

Question asked by LSI-FileMaker-Developer on Jul 6, 2010
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File Corruption… Solved?


Hey guys,

I recently posted a thread about FM 11 crashing a lot more than v10 ( and it was suggested that my files might be corrupted.  Well, I ran the Recovery function and my two files (data and interface) both had reported issues including instructions not to use the files going forward.  Well, I didn't have virgin copies to revert back to, so I think I figured out how to safely get rid of the corruption issues.

The minor issues I talk about (and solve) in the aforementioned thread, but the bigger issue was the "fields created to match record data" thing where there was apparently some orphaned field data in some of my records and no corresponding field.  Well, I took a look at the recovered contents of those fields and they contained data that I haven't cared about in years—so if they disappeared, that would be great.  But how to do it?

The solution I came up with is as follows:

1)  Open the file with the orphaned data (not the recovered version) and select File > Save a Copy As…, selecting the clone option.

2)  Open the cloned file.

3)  Import the data directly from the original data file into each empty table.  Importing 60 tables is a tedious process to start with, but since importing apparently requires a target layout, I had to create a new layout for each table.  So a little bit of learning there I guess.

4)  Close this newly populated clone file and run a recovery on it to verify that no new 'Recovered' fields were created for orphaned record data.

In my case, this worked, and the Recovery tool reports no problems.  So my big question is, am I in the clear?  I know this is probably the best I will be able to do considering the fact that I don't have that virgin copy to revert to, but I'm wondering if theses corruption issues can be fixed in various ways?  I don't see why not, but I've never heard anyone recommend that as the right way to do things.