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    file crash in iPad



      file crash in iPad


      Hi it feels good to be back after so long :)

      So a database I developed in FileMaker Pro 2 years ago for a research centre ran into some problems recently -- I developed a data input FileMaker file for iPad, and apparently that file crashes once in a while when the user is inputting data.

      I wonder if it has to do with the number of saved records on that iPad. Please advice, gurus :)





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          Developed on Win or Mac?  FMP version?  Running on iPad with FMGo 11 or FMGo 12?

          Crashes on one particular field? One particular Layout? When using a script? Number of records? Size of File?

          iPad version?  iOS version?

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            Hi David.


            It was developed on Win. I believe if I remember correctly it was FileMaker Pro 11, the same on iPad.


            It normally crashes on a particular layout of the database, when the records exceeds 50. The size of file shouldn't be too big, as there are only couple of fields in that layout I designed.


            I'm checking the ipad version. Hope it helps.


            Thanks much!