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File crashes on Set Tab Order

Question asked by JCrawford on Oct 2, 2013
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File crashes on Set Tab Order


     Two files recently converted from FileMaker Advanced V. 11 to V. 12 (now at V. 12.04) began to crash when I used the Set Tab Order command in Layout Mode. This happened every time on several layouts that worked fine in V. 11. I am using Vista still.

     I found a thread with same subject for FileMaker Advanced V. 12.03 and at that time the reply indicated the problem wasn't well understood and this appeared to be a "corrupted" file. I followed the instructions to Save a Copy of the file, run Recover on the Copy. Save a Clone of the copied file. And run Recover on the clone. Unfortunately the file still crashed when I used Set Tab Order.

     Then I decided to go to those problem layouts in my original file (before Recover) and remove all the embossed feature on text boxes and other elements. "Embossed" isn't supported in V. 12 and I had used that feature often. When I saved the layout, I could then use Set Tab Order without the file crashing! Even on the original file. I wanted to send in this "hint" in case the problem is still poorly understood and others run into it.

     Also if there is any more insight about file crashing when Set Tab Order is selected, I would like to hear about it so I can make sure I have covered all the bases for a solid file upon delivery to my customer.