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File Import Errors

Question asked by JimMac on Nov 6, 2014
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File Import Errors


I have an external file (1 of 7) that was importing records from an active (older version of a database) using FMP 11.  The file has 3 tables.  Two of the 3 tables were successfully imported without errors.  However table number 3 had 1063 records and showed on the import report dialog that 131 records were skipped do to errors.

There is no log, mention of which records were skipped, or what the error(s) were.

I have used "Recover..." and recovered the file with no errors, but a strange report warning I should only use the most recent back up of files.

I tried importing the flawed table on the "Recovered" file with the exact same 131 records skipped.

Any thoughts on how to find the errors or know why the records were deleted?