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file is directory error

Question asked by landicklab on Jul 12, 2011
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file is directory error


System : Mac 10.6.7

FileMaker : 11.0v1

I'm trying to list files within a local folder using a Web Viewer field.

I can view a txt file, however when I try view the contents of the folder, the status message states "file is directory".

For example; under Web Address, "File:/Users/lab/Desktop/tempfolder/READ_ME.txt" shows the contents of the txt file, however if I shorten the Web Address to "File:/Users/lab/Desktop/tempfolder/", the status message states "file is directory".

I understand that on the PC side what I'm trying to do works as I'm trying to do it.

IT has insisted that I do not update to 11.0v3. Has this problem been resolved in the update?

Can anyone suggest how to resolve this problem on the Mac platform?