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file is not modifiable.

Question asked by kluetkenhoelter on Aug 23, 2012
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file is not modifiable.


Two of us have been sharing a file without any problem.  One of us would be the "Host" and the other would open it "remotely".

We decided to open it up to others, so we saved it on our network.  We've loaded FMP on the network as well, and right away, I knew we were going to have problems.  When I opened the file on the network, from the network computer, it won't let me make any changes to the file, I get an error message that says "this file is not modifiable."

I am able to open the file remotely, but then once again I get the message when I try to make changes that "this file is not modifiable."

Any idea why it would work between two users, but once we put it on the server, we are stopped from modifying the file?