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File link works in Designer mode but not in regular user  mode

Question asked by KirkGonzalez on Mar 12, 2011
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File link works in Designer mode but not in regular user  mode



I'm pretty much a newbie. I've worked with FMP several years ago on a small project but have forgotten more than I remember. I'm running the trail version of FMP 11 and I'm confused on something about linking files.

Basically, I want a way to keep track of my projects and the associated resources I have with them (contacts, web links, emails, MS office docs, PDFs, locations of hardcopy, ect.) I found a linking command I thought would work for me on the electronic files on my computer or network but it only seems to work when I'm in the layout designer mode.

I entered Insert > Object  then selected the options |Create from File  and |Display as icon. I selected my Word document.

When I double-click on the icon, Word opens with my document. Exactly what I wanted.

When I get out of the designer layout mode and I'm viewing the data like a regular user and I try and click on the icon nothing happens. It not only doesn't open the file, it doesn't seem to even act as a link, more as a static picture.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Also, do you know of an easier method so that I could just stay in the regular data layout mode and add my list of files so they will open in the program they were created? I'm not sure if I would have to write a script each time to do it,( that seems cumbersome and I don’t know how). I'd like a method that is easy enough that any user could do this without hardly any knowledge of FMP.