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      In bento, using a file list, you could just double click on the file that appeared there and it would open. Is this feature available in filemaker pro? or do I have to export the file from filemaker every time I just want to look at it?

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          Are these files stored in container fields?

          Are they physically stored in the field or stored as a reference?

          Are they image files or other file types?

          In some cases, you can open the file by double-clicking the container field. Other cases, you have to export the field contents. You can script this to export the field to the temporary items directory and attach this script to a button to open the file.

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            yes, i am currently storing them in container fields and they are stored in the fieln, not as a reference.

            Mostly the files are pdf

            Thanks :)

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              For PDF's, some developers use a web viewer to link to the PDF rather than a container field. This approach enables both Mac and Windows users to actually view the file from FileMaker without having to export/open it.

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                that actually works great, Thanks a lot!

                But that presents another problem as I need the files to be stored in the container files so that they are synced to filemaker go for the iphone. Is it possible to have the web view point to the file stored in the container view?

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                  Unfortunately, no.

                  The only way I can think of to make this work with GO users would be to host the file from a server and have your Go users connect as clients via 3G or WiFi.

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                    Ok then, i believe I can live with having to export the file. But I have a question, how does filemaker go handle a container field? I mean, in mac I have to export the file, how's that done in the iphone? (i'm considering getting filemaker go)

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                      I don't have GO myself, but you might click the tab at the top of your screen to select the FM Go Forum and post your question there. You can also search it for previous posts on container fields to see what they have to say.