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    File lists in updates



      File lists in updates


      My application has value lists displayed in pop up menus. Almost all the menus are from custom lists and have the "Edit..." option where a user can add another value.

      When it comes time for software revision changes, I have set up scripts that dump all the application's tables, slide in the new version and then import the tables - all is good except value lists.

      If a value list is _not_ composed from a field, for example from a custom list, can it be exported and then restored in the when revision upgrades are done? I understand how to get the lists through the design functions valuelistitems and valuelistnames. So I could dump the lists, but I cannot see a way to put them back into a custom list in the new revision.

      If not is there a way to have something as convenient as the "Edit..." option so a user can add a member to the list and behind the curtains a record is created and the field populated by whatever the user supplied or am I going to have to do some more scripting to allow adds to the various lists as records.

      Thanks in advance.


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          Custom value lists cannot be exported. You'll need to add a table and set up the values to be drawn from that table.

          You can add a script that replaces your Edit function and either place an "edit" button next to the field or include "edit" as a value in the table and use a script trigger to detect when this value is selected.

          Your script can change to a layout based on the table of values or which displays a portal of the value records for editing. This can even be popped up in a small floating window much like a small dialog box.

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            I was afraid of this. It seems like a logical thing to be able to export and import custom value lists. Why? Because they are so convenient to create  and the modification feature is built in. If one could dump/restore these types of lists it would save programming time (in my case anyway).

            Thanks for your reponse. I will implement these lists as tables.