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File lists in updates

Question asked by dzittin on Feb 3, 2012
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File lists in updates


My application has value lists displayed in pop up menus. Almost all the menus are from custom lists and have the "Edit..." option where a user can add another value.

When it comes time for software revision changes, I have set up scripts that dump all the application's tables, slide in the new version and then import the tables - all is good except value lists.

If a value list is _not_ composed from a field, for example from a custom list, can it be exported and then restored in the when revision upgrades are done? I understand how to get the lists through the design functions valuelistitems and valuelistnames. So I could dump the lists, but I cannot see a way to put them back into a custom list in the new revision.

If not is there a way to have something as convenient as the "Edit..." option so a user can add a member to the list and behind the curtains a record is created and the field populated by whatever the user supplied or am I going to have to do some more scripting to allow adds to the various lists as records.

Thanks in advance.